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Погода Лаго-Наки

The Lago-Naki plateau

LagonakiPlateau is located to the north from the mounts of Shepsi, Fisht, Oshten and Pseshho. Their maximum elevation is 3255 m. A number of passages go through those mountains including Goythsky Pass, Psefshho, Anshho and Belorechensky Pass. To the north from plateau lies Nagoi-Chuck mountain and Abadzesh-Murzekau massif to the east.

Thereby, central part of the plateau is closed up by mountains. To the east and west from Lago-Naki located another two downhill plateaus. The one to the west, named Chernogorie, smoothly goes down from 1756 meters to 1000. The one on the east, Abadzesh, goes all the way to north-east borger of highlands. Another noticable piece of landscape is unique plateau Utyug, surrounded by the wall of hard-rock 30m high that looks like a ship.

Officially half of Lago-Naki plateau is a part of Republic of Adygea and another half is part of Krasnodar Krai territory. However since Lago-Naki is a whole natural complex, putting a crear border is next to impossible. A lot of picturesque landscape availible for tourists with a personal car via net of asphalt and dirt roads covering North Caucasus.

Lago-Naki is known for beauty of it's untouched nature and variety of landscapes. Simply put it's a unique chance to get acquainted with Caucasus nature, enjoy mountain air and to escape from routine. Many of those who took a trip here dont want to leave and when they leave they will definately come back once more. Because there is no better rest then to become one with nature. And the highlands allow you to do it while improving your health.

The biggest distinctive feature of Lago-Naki is the high variety of plant life and terrain. Because of the fact that plateau lies at the several climate zones, one can walk through hardwood forest, open woods, alpine meadows and ice shelf in a short perod of time. Icy peaks resting in the skies will simply astonish you.

Also, Lago-Naki plateau has its own inimitable flora. Near eternal glacier you may found blooming trees. Hundreds of meadow flowers every spring create an illusion of colorful tapestry. Here you can find plants you will never see growing anywhere in the world.

Here you may see beech, ash, maple and silver fir. Cypresses bent by winds now look like complex web of branches. Mountain pines grow on cliffs and splits in rocks, grasping solid stone. Boxwood that looks like a mighty spreading tree at the base at the mountain, at it's top will be a bush 40-50 centimeters high.

Plateau's history begins many million yars ago, when instead of Mediterranean, Caspian, Black and Azov seas there was the Tethys Ocean and when on the plase of plateau ther were salt waters of ocean. While the ocean was leaving this place, it left the land rich with minerals, salts and therefore good for all kinds of plants. Tons of rock and rock formations was ground down by ocean waves through thousands of years. What was left, become countless caves and cliffs.

Most of the scientists think, Lago-Naki is a truly unique place. It is hard to argue since here we can find more then a hundred if kinds of herbs, dosens of kinds of berries and mushrooms. Lots of praises could be told about local grapes alone. And wild sorts are as good as cultivated. And let us not forget about climate. Such weather you will never find anywhere else but here. Today Lago-Naki plateau is the part of the Caucasian Reserve.

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